To Some Itís a Hobby. To Us Itís A Passion.

We are not a chemical company. We do not believe in the regular use of chemical band-aids√ā¬Ě, antibiotic poisons, and other dangerous additives in an attempt to support an aquatic environment. Since 1968, we have specialized in the research, development, and manufacturing of all-natural water conditioners that supply the necessary components to support life just like mother nature does.

The success of your aquarium or pond is in direct proportion to the quality of water you provide. Water quality is measured by the availability of vital components needed to support the life you wish to keep. Oxygen, ammonia, nitrite oxidizing bacteria, pollution removing microbes, essential indigenous elements, adequate filtration and circulation, and regular water changes are key components in the biology of maintaining and supporting a healthy aquarium, and Tropical Science will help you get there.

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